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© 2023 by the United Systems Imperium

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the United Systems Imperium?

The United Systems Imperium is a player group for Frontier Developments' groundbreaking game, Elite: Dangerous

The United Systems Imperium, within the game, is an Independent Dictatorship filled with CMDRs looking to make new friends, help out anyone in need, and propel the Imperium to greater heights, making a name for ourselves in the galaxy! -NickG2002


What is a Minor Faction?

Minor Factions are the mission givers of Elite, they appear at stations and outposts in each inhabited system. Minor Factions have influence levels that dictate who controls the system, which in turn dictates the Government Type, Allegiance, and Security Level - NickG2002


Does the United Systems Imperium have a Minor Faction?

Yes! In fact, the United Systems Imperium currently has 5 Minor Factions!

Officially, we are established as the United Systems Imperium, an Independent Dictatorship based out of LHS 3167, however, through various merges, we have control over the United Systems Rangers in Iman Caber, Voidsreach LLC. in Wu Kong, Phoenix Inc. in Amphisatsu, and Federal Democrats in Selkana! -NickG2002


Why are you doing this?

Why not? Where's your faction with your Frequently Asked Questions page. - NickG2002

In all seriousness, we created USI because we wanted to create a better community, one where people have lots of fun, and one where people make lasting friendships! - NickG2002


Who makes all of these wonderful graphics?

All of our wonderful graphics are made by our wonderful graphics design team! Our Graphics Design Team currently consists of:                          CMDR NickG2002, CMDR UltraNeros, CMDR Irish Murphy's, and CMDR RogueCmdr - NickG2002


How do I unlock the Cobra MkIV

Unfortunately, it is no longer available to get unless you have purchased both Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons before February 5th of 2016. -UltraNeros


How do I get good at Elite?

Do the practice missions, do the challenge scenarios, play a lot, ask questions, and just try your best! USI has many wonderful pilots that would be willing to help you out along the way! - NickG2002


How do I get an Elite rank?

Elite Ranks are gained by continually doing things in that category; Combat is dictated by experience, which is gained through kills, and based on the enemy pilot's combat rank; Trade is dictated by the amount of money you've made through Missions and Trading; Exploration is dictated by the amount of money you've gained through Exploration Data and Passenger Missions - NickG2002


Why are there so many ranks in USI?

Each rank in USI has a meaning, it has a role, and it has responsibilities, the number of ranks we have is larger than many groups, but it fits the need for people of each role and responsibility - NickG2002


Whats with all the Roman stuff?

Because I really like History, and the Classical Era is my favorite time period, also because who doesn't love the idea of being part of the Space Romans? It's much better than being part of, say, the Space Mongols, or Space Communists.- NickG2002


How long has this group been around?

The United Systems Imperium was created in 3304 (2018), and celebrates its birthday each year on July 5th!

We are currently ~1 Year Old - NickG2002


Can I bring my pet?

We always welcome peoples furry little friends as Co-Pilots! If you bring them along for the ride, we'd love to see some pictures of your adorable companions! - NickG2002


What are the requirements?

To become a Full Member of USI, simply join our Discord, and go through the setup process. We also recommend that you join our in-game Squadron and our Inara for a more seamless experience! - NickG2002


How do I get promotions?

You be active in-game, on the Discord, or on one of USI's other wonderful forms of communication! You come up with good ideas, and show a willingness to help out others, both people in USI, and elsewhere! You show to us that you deserve to be promoted! - NickG2002


Why is this FAQ so long

Due to Elite's complex nature we found it more fitting to provide a more extensive FAQ for our group. Thanks for reading! -UltraNeros