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© 2023 by the United Systems Imperium

The United Systems Imperium is always happy to have new members! Join the team to embark on new adventures, find friends and rivals alike in the heat of battle, and expand our glorious Imperium!

Click here, and enlist in the United Systems Imperium today!



The United Systems Imperium is a growing collection of independent pilots, seeking to bring order, security, peace, and prosperity to the galaxy! We seek to create a better community, and have a place for everyone!

The United Systems Imperium is split into six Divisions, each specializing in a different aspect of the game, and filled with a friendly group of players waiting to make new friends, and welcome new members with open arms!

The United Systems Imperium seeks to create a family where everyone is welcome, no matter their background, their allegiance, etc. To create a family where everyone can get the help they need, make lasting friendships, and have new brothers and sisters to fly with them through the black!